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Adolescent girls and young women (AGYW) in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal provinces are disproportionately impacted by health and social challenges. The National Development Plan warned that if unaddressed, these challenges could further exacerbate poverty, poor education, gender inequality and unemployability among this population group.

A survey conducted by the Human Sciences Research Council (2017) points to a decline in HIV incidence among adolescent girls and young women. Despite this progress, the incidence among AGYW remains relatively high compared to their male counterparts. The survey further indicates that one of the target provinces in the Joint Programme (KwaZulu-Natal) records HIV incidence among AGYW as three times higher than that of the young men. Over the years, sexual and reproductive health services have been made available in many communities. However, access to such critical services remains a challenge for the AGYW.

With the high number of Gender Based Violence (GBV) cases reported in media, it is important to note that AGYW are victims of either form of abuse. The National Strategic Plan on GBV and Femicide aims to prevent and respond to GBV by promoting collaboration between various stakeholders from community to national level. Thus, the Joint Programme promotes integration of SRHR, HIV and GBV services in targeted districts by strengthening capacity of health and social services professionals in order for AGYW improve access services.

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