Accelerating Positive Social and Economic Change

Capacitate Social Solutions is a social enterprise that was established in 2015 to support stakeholders across the social and green economy and drive innovation for impact.  Our focus is to enable greater efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability across the development sector. Leveraging our decades of collective experience across the continent, we deliver relevant, fit-for-purpose solutions to address common challenges and unique problems experienced by investing and implementing partners.

As an impact consultancy we have adopted a human-centred, partnership model for engagement, recognising that the best way to achieve sustainable results and maximize impact, is by drawing on the collective expertise and resources of all stakeholders involved.


This portfolio is focused on providing monitoring and evaluation support to implementing and investing partners. In this portfolio we aim to build internal capacity by improving systems, processes, governance and human capital to enable data-led decision making. We hope that by helping our partners better leveraging their data they can maximise their development results.
This portfolio is focused on Technology for Development (ICT4D), finding ways to leverage technology to help our partners improve and extend development outcomes. Our product and technical team develop and assemble fit-for-purpose solutions that can help organisations bridge the digital divide and accelerate their impact.
Our team provides strategic support to implementing organisations and funders to enable effective intervention and positive change.
Supporting entrepreneurship and scale-up of emerging businesses across Africa. Our work in this area is focused both on helping organisations that work with entrepreneurs to accelerate their impact, and on providing technology solutions and ecosystem support that will better integrate the work of stakeholders across the sector.

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We aim to build resilient development partnerships contributing to effective social solutions through innovative capacitation across Africa.
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``The time is always right to do what is right!``

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We design, develop and implement technology and data solutions to drive innovation for greater efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability in achieving social and environmental impact.

Capacitate adheres to the Principles for Digital Development

Capacitate is a proud supporter of The International CDR Manifesto 

A proud part of Youth Capital’s Action Plan to shift gears on youth unemployment in South Africa.