Emerging Enterprise

Supporting the startup and scale-up of entrepreneurs across Africa.

Building new businesses and growing existing small businesses across Africa represents a significant opportunity to drive positive social and economic change for the continent. Entrepreneurship is crucial to the growth and development of any economy, and Africa is no exception. By supporting and encouraging entrepreneurship, we can create new jobs, stimulate economic growth, and reduce poverty in communities across Africa.

Entrepreneurship provides a platform for innovation, creativity, and problem-solving, which are essential ingredients for economic development. By building new businesses and growing existing small businesses, we can create new markets, increase productivity, and generate new wealth. Moreover, entrepreneurship can help to drive inclusive growth, promoting economic opportunities for women, youth, and other marginalized groups.

The positive impact of entrepreneurship on Africa’s economy cannot be overstated. Small businesses represent a significant proportion of the African economy, contributing to employment and income generation, and providing critical goods and services to local communities. Furthermore, small businesses create a ripple effect that can stimulate the growth of other sectors, leading to more significant economic benefits.

However, despite the significant potential of entrepreneurship in Africa, entrepreneurs face numerous challenges, including limited access to finance, inadequate infrastructure, and insufficient support systems. This is where Capacitate comes in. We provide support to organizations that work with entrepreneurs to accelerate their impact, including access to finance, business development support, and mentorship.

Additionally, we provide technology solutions and ecosystem support that better integrates the work of stakeholders across the sector. By creating a platform that connects entrepreneurs, investors, and other stakeholders, we help to build a vibrant ecosystem that supports entrepreneurship and enables African entrepreneurs to scale their businesses.