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Monitoring and Evaluation, Independent Assessments and Evaluation Services aimed at creating a culture of Data-Led Decision Making

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is synonymous with programme implementations in the development sector, unfortunately it is often considered with trepidation and undertaken with a fair level of reluctance. M&E is usually recognized as a function of validation, an obligatory undertaking for organisations to prove that they are achieving results and can justify their continued operations to stakeholders; The value of M&E being only in the delivery of reports (often compulsory) to funders. Hence it is often seen as a grudge activity forced on the organisation by external parties. The result is a significant investment of time and resources to fulfill an M&E requirement but that ultimately delivers limited value to the organisation concerned.

Monitoring and Evaluation is a system within an organisation that should deliver value across the organisation and to all stakeholders. As a system, it is made up of a number of components which, structured correctly, should provide the foundation for establishing a culture of data driven decision making, as well as the processes and tools to support this culture within the organisation.

The establishment and management of this system can be an onerous undertaking and in organisations with limited capacity this is often, unfortunately, delivered poorly. An effective M&E system should deliver value across the following functional areas:


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Capacitate’s Solutions

Capacitate has extensive experience in implementing monitoring and evaluation solutions across the continent. We recognise the challenges that many organisations face in implementing and operating an effective M&E system that delivers consistent value across the organisation. Our goal is to provide cost-effective solutions to the sector so that organisations can focus on their core service delivery.

System Planning & Implementation

Establishing an appropriate plan and framework for your monitoring and evaluation is a critical first step in ensuring that you can leverage maximum value from the information you are generating. Capacitate provides a full system planning and implementation solution, ensuring that your M&E system aligns with your strategic and operational objectives and delivers the maximum value for your organisation.

Our approach is a participatory one, we recognise the importance of including your team in the process to ensure maximum buy-in and smooth transition.

System Assessment

Capacitate offers a full M&E system evaluation service, conducting an in-depth assessment of current processes, technologies and policies. In addition, we review the alignment of your M&E system with the strategic objectives and stakeholder interests. Our collaborative approach ensures that your team is included in the process and contributes actively to the outcomes. This lays the foundation for a positive transition moving forward from the assessment.

Full Outsource Solution

Capacitate offers a fully managed solution for monitoring and evaluation. Implementing and overseeing an appropriate system that aligns with strategic and operational objectives and delivers value against each of the four key delivery areas described above. We aim to offer a cost-effective solution that delivers consistent value and allows the organisation to focus on core service delivery.

Baseline Assessments

Establishing a baseline reference is an important consideration when undertaking a development intervention. Capacitate can assist in conducting your baseline assessment to track progress and results.

Independent Evaluations

Capacitate offers independent programme or organisational evaluations. With our ability to deploy field teams across the continent we can deliver at almost any scale.