Capacitate Social Solutions


Capacitate Social Solutions is a social enterprise that was established in 2015 to support stakeholders across the social and green economy and drive innovation for impact.  Our focus is to enable greater efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability across the development sector. Leveraging our decades of collective experience across the continent, we deliver relevant, fit-for-purpose solutions to address common challenges and unique problems experienced by investing and implementing partners.

As a consultancy we have adopted a human-centred, partnership model for engagement, recognising that the best way to achieve sustainable results and maximize impact, is by drawing on the collective expertise and resources of all stakeholders involved. Our  model has proven successful across Africa and we are now expanding our reach by setting up a new company presence in the UK.

Capacitate’s UK operation will be headquartered in London with a satelite office in Bath and led by a team of experienced professionals. The team will be supported by our Southern African office and will leverage our existing network and expertise to deliver high-quality services. Our services will be delivered through a combination of in-house and outsourced resources, with a focus on delivering cost-effective and scalable solutions.

In addition to serving the UK market, Capacitate also sees the opportunity to play a key role as a bridge between the UK and Africa, leveraging our unique combination of expertise and experience to support cross-border collaboration and help solve some of the most pressing social challenges.

Capacitate will work with UK and African organisations to support cross-border collaboration and drive innovation for impact. Our focus on social intelligence and digital transformation will enable us to bring together the best expertise and resources from both continents to deliver scalable and sustainable solutions to some of the most pressing social challenges.

Our approach will be to identify areas of shared interest and bring together relevant stakeholders to collaborate on solutions. We will leverage our existing network and expertise to facilitate partnerships and drive innovation for impact.

In this way, Capacitate will serve as a bridge between the UK and Africa, supporting the development of innovative solutions that can help drive sustainable and equitable social change.

In addition to a deep understanding of the social economy and a passion for driving positive change globally, Capacitate has extensive experience across the development spectrum, entrepreneurship segment and informal economy. This includes projects in:

  • incubation and acceleration,
  • youth development,
  • emerging enterprise and township economy,
  • development finance,
  • energy,
  • food security and agriculture,
  • social services,
  • early childhood development,
  • environment and the green economy,
  • healthcare,
  • advocacy and policy advisory


Drawing on our experience and deep understanding of the challenges facing stakeholders across the sector we are able to apply a participatory systems approach to improve outcomes and deliver sustainable, scalable solutions.