May 10

Changing the destiny of Organisational Sustainability

Civil Society Organisations, which include NPOs, NGOs, CSOs, NPCs and Social Enterprises, struggle with financial survival in the here-and-now, never mind long term. And that pressure sometimes overwhelms any planning for the longer term. But, financial pressure is not the only factor affecting an organisations survival.

Now Capacitate, with the assistance of Deutsche Bank,  have launched a unique set of management tools for Civil Society Organisations – a pulling together of all sustainability focus areas, providing advice on how to manage these operating areas. This help for non-profits is a first of its kind here, and probably anywhere.

Capacitate’s Director, Jason Bygate, meet with Paul Pereira and discussed how these tools work, who should use them, where to get them, and why they matter big time.

Click on the link below to hear the Interview: