Digital Transformation Workshop 


Session 1: Cloud Migration with AWS

Capacitate Digital Transformation Series

Research conducted by Capacitate in partnership with UNICEF and PwC has highlighted how many organisations are unable to access and implement appropriate technologies that could improve the efficiency, effectiveness and scale of interventions that are driving positive change across society.

With our partners we are working to help organisations begin to bridge this divide by building organizational capacity and improving access to technology solutions that are fit for purpose and accessible.

This workshop is the first in a series that we hope will empower participants to begin their digital transformation.


Building a Better World with AWS – An Introduction to AWS for Nonprofits


From innovating to improve the world, to safeguarding the vulnerable, monitoring the environment & wildlife, developing sustainable communities and creating access to opportunities, nonprofits across the world are making the world a better place with Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud technology. AWS enables you to take control of cloud technology cost and continuously optimize your spend, while building modern, scalable applications to meet your organisations needs.

Join us for this virtual introductory session, where the AWS NPO team, will share key leadership and technology guidance for nonprofit leaders as well as AWS programmes, initiatives and benefits for NPOs.


Wednesday, 27 July 2022


Time: 10:30am – 12pm


  • Welcome
  • The Digital Divide and Digital Transformation
  • Introduction to the AWS Nonprofit Team
  • Introduction to AWS and Cloud Technology
  • AWS in South Africa
  • How Nonprofits Are Using AWS to Make the World A Better Place
  • Basic Workloads on AWS: Cloud Storage & Website Hosting
  • AWS Benefits & Programmes for NPOs
  • Q&A