Capacitate has been contracted to conduct a formative evaluation of the Land Bank Mezzanine Fund – Land Bank and the Jobs Fund have contracted to implement a Mezzanine Fund to support development and job creation in majority Black-owned enterprises in the agricultural sector through offering senior and mezzanine debt to projects that create new productive capacity and new jobs.

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As part of this evaluation process we are seeking input of various industry bodies to determine the relevance and effectiveness of this initiative. This survey form part of the evaluation process and we would greatly appreciate your input.

Select all that apply.
ExcellentPretty goodNot SureQuite BadTerrible
No ChallengesSomewhat ChallengingQuite ChallengingExtremely Challenging
Access to Electricity
Supply of electricity (consistent availability)
Cost of electricity
Access to water
Water licensing
Supply of water (quality, consistency)
Cost of water
Transportation of commodities to market
Packaging of Commodities
Access to markets
Price changes / fluctuations
Staff problems
Cost of wages
Access to Capital
Climate changes
Access to information
Skills and experience
Access to the right equipment
Support and guidance
Land ownership
TerribleQuite BadNot SurePretty goodExcellent