Social Resilience

Promoting Organisational Sustainability and consistent service delivery by Enabling Organisational Sustainability

The civil society sector has changed significantly over the past decade, with global economic pressures having had a substantial impact, both directly and indirectly.  A reduction in the availability of funding, both local and international, has meant that organisations are under increasing pressure to diversify their revenue sources and to optimise their operations for lean efficiency.  Consequently, the need for an effective sustainability strategy has never been more important for every organisation that is providing services to those most in need.  This is the motivation for the Capacitate Social Resilience Portfolio. Our objective is to provide support to organisations to maximise their sustainability.


Capacitate offers a number of different types of sustainability assistance:

  • Sustainability assessment
  • Sustainability planning
  • Implementation support for sustainability initiatives
  • Mentoring
  • Content development
  • Training in concepts related to sustainability
  • Resource mobilisation support
  • Operational efficiency audits


In order to support non-profit/ civil society organisations (CSO’s) to become more resilient and consequently more impactful, Capacitate, in partnership with the Deutsche Bank South Africa Foundation, recently launched an online Sustainability Assessment Tool and an associated handbook for CSO’s in Southern Africa called “˜Building Organisational Sustainability.’

Building Organisational Sustainability